What’s the difference between a great idea and a great product? Craftsmanship. You have to poke holes in it, dig into the details—only then can you craft something spectacular.

-Ella Pritsker

High-Fashion Designs, Thoughtful Craftsmanship

Each of our designer face masks is designed at our in-house studio & hand-stitched with care.

They’re reusable and machine washable.. They’re as high-end as the couture traditions and quality fabrication techniques that they’re born from. We put quality first and we never stop thinking about style.

Cover & Protect

While our stylish face masks are designed to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 with full-face coverage and an extra layer of fabric, they’re not medical-grade masks. Please use them along with social distancing and other recommendations.

Adjustable Size for a Comfortable Fit

We pay attention to the little things, the subtleties. Like a pull-cord loop made out of soft binding fabric to feel comfortable around your ears and to make it simple to tailor your mask's tightness.

When you’re not wearing your mask, this pull cord allows it to hang easily from your neck.

Make a Brand Statement

As businesses open back up, companies can customize masks with your brand colors and logos to protect your employees and your brand image at the same time.

Minimize Foggy Glasses

If you have glasses or even sunglasses, then you know why wearing most masks can be frustrating—fog. We’ve solved that problem.

Each of our adult face masks has an embedded aluminum nose bridge for extra protection. This technology helps stop your glasses from fogging up while wearing our masks and creates a better seal from your mouth to the top of your face.